linux - gaim字型大小的設定

gaim 的字型設定 (gtk2.0皆有影響)

~/.gtkrc-2.0 其內容如下(gaim網站下載):

# When turned on, this option causes gtk to select the contents of an entry field when it becomes focused.

gtk-entry-select-on-focus = 1

# Sets the font used by gtk

gtk-font-name = "Verdana 12" #這裡是改系統frame預設的字

# Controls the keybindings that gtk uses for text entry/editing/etc

# The "emacs" theme turns on things like:

# ctrl-a == move to beginning of line, ctrl-e == move to end of line, etc.

gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"

# The following section allows you to change the style of the conversation

# window widgets, log viewer widget, and request and notify window widgets.

# These only work in Gaim 0.78 or higher.

style "imhtml-fix"


font_name = "Sans 14" #這裡是改text部分的字


# Set the widget style for the conversation entry box

widget "*gaim_gtkconv_entry" style "imhtml-fix"

# Set the widget style for the conversation

widget "*gaim_gtkconv_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# Set the widget style for the log viewer

widget "*gaim_gtklog_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# Set the widget style for IMHtml input widgets in request dialogs

widget "*gaim_gtkrequest_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# Set the widget style for IMHtml widgets in notify dialogs

widget "*gaim_gtknotify_imhtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# Uncommenting the line below sets all IMHtml widgets in Gaim to the same style

# and will work in Gaim versions prior to 0.78

#widget_class "*.GtkScrolledWindow.GtkIMHtml" style "imhtml-fix"

# The following lets you customize the color of hyperlinks

# and also the text cursors. The link color thing is Gaim specific

# but the rest work for any Gtk2 program. You can search the Gtk2

# docs for other style properties.

style "my-style-name" {

GtkIMHtml::hyperlink-color = "#000080"

GtkWidget::cursor-color = "#0000FF"

GtkWidget::secondary-cursor-color = "#00FF00" #for mixed ltr and rtl


widget_class "*" style "my-style-name"

# This style sets the expander size on a treeview to 0, which has the result

# of reducing the indent for items in the tree. This can be applied to the

# Gaim buddy list to reduce it's width.

# This only works in Gaim 0.79 and higher

style "my-narrow-tree"


GtkTreeView::expander_size = 0


# And apply the style to the buddy list:

widget "*gaim_gtkblist_treeview" style "my-narrow-tree"